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Lisa Kay Lindsay

Lisa Kay Lindsay


This is just what I needed to read right now. I’m on Etsy and doing ok but wish I could sell more. It’s good to keep in mind all the expenses that go into making more. I am aware of those expenses but I know it can be easy to forget about them when you want to make more money. Thanks for the reminders about expenses and that I should remember I started off really enjoying what I do, not just to make money.

Lori Quayle

Lori Quayle


Thank you LOTS for sharing the gritty, truthful stuff.

Very helpful.

This lets us know so many things, like why we may be unhappy with our businesses or ways to cope with the “failure” or ” success” we experience.

Liz Palazzi

Liz Palazzi


I highlighted so many things! Really great article. I love that you talk about the numbers and expenses – it is always completely left out by all the internet gurus! It drives me nuts! They’re all like “yo I made a store and now I make $1million dollars a year, come join my mastermind.” When in reality, a 30% profit margin on physical products is really good! You’re killing it girl!

Tia Nnebo

Tia Nnebo


BE WILLING TO CHANGE and adapt. At all times. Skip over the fear part (don’t give it time to take you down), and just DO.

I honestly needed to hear this. I’m always so terrified of change that it’s been my biggest hindrance in taking certain steps. Thanks for this beautiful and honest message.



A great example of what I mean by a perfect article for Medium. Personal experience, valuable lessons, something new, not often but quality. Many of us should emulate this story, myself included, well done

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01. What is this website for?

I mean, it’s mostly here because I wanted to make a website one night. 😂

Why? Well, I like making pretty things.

I felt like it was hard to find what you’re looking for on my Medium page.

So I decided to pull all the good stuff together into this website!

02. Where should I start with my shop?

Honestly, start by reading THIS article right here.

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03. Can I get personalized help?

I work with people one way, and one way only.

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That depends. If you’re setting up your own online shop, you’ll get the most out of me as a BLOGGER.

The blog is where I offer endless free stuff about what my top sellers are doing to succeed. (I’ve coached some of the world’s top 1% of Shopify + Etsy sellers).

I try to add a new (very very detailed!) blog article each week. Because my blog articles are so long and actionable…sometimes I succeed, and sometimes I don’t 😂. I’m not perfect and I would never expect you to be, either!


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