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About Jenni co

I share no-bullshit strategies to *CATAPULT* your online shop.

– Jenni Waldrop Top Seller Coach + Ridiculously Committed Blogger

Coaching Clients

I Coach Differently.

Specific Steps with Homework

I always check your homework to ensure everything you do is *super ENTICING* for customers.

HONEST Coaching and Advice

You’ll sell more, much faster, if I tell you what customers really think when they see your site.

Access to Five+ Other Experts

I know I don’t know everything. That’s why you get access to other experts for a rounded experience.

Is Coaching Right For You?

I will be the FIRST to tell you that not everyone is coachable! Making more money is nice, but that will only get you so far. You gotta have a bit more than money on the brain… ⬇️  

You Want to Do This Forever

YES: You are a good fit

Know for a FACT that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life? AWESOME — because the more invested you are in your biz, the further I’ll be able to PUSH you to succeed!

You're Here to WORK

YES: You are a good fit

You’re ready to GO, you’re here to listen, and when you learn something new, you TAKE ACTION. You don’t need help executing. You need the right steps in the right order, and someone to check your work!

You Want to Improve Constantly

YES: You are a good fit

You’re ready to hear the *REAL TRUTH* about your biz…And you’re even more ready to FIX the problem. You’re here to level up. You’re DONE getting distracted with tools and quick fixes.

You Want Someone to Do it For You

NO: You are not a good fit

Look, kids: Done for you services are always an option. But if you want to understand how to run a successful business, you need to do the work yourself at least once. I’m here to show you that path.

You Want to Sit Back and Make Money

NO: You are not a good fit

Reality check: everyone who says they just sit back and make money? They’re lying to you. That’s not a real thing. If you just want to build something and let it run, that’s not how this works…And it never will be.

You Blame Others for Your Lack of Success

NO: I will not coach you

I once had a seller blame the mailman for her entire business being in shambles 😂. Truth bomb: YOU are the only reason your business fails or succeeds. If you don’t know this, then I can’t help you.

There's only ONE way to work with me...

I coach with Merchant Mastery, a Shopify-Certified coaching *TEAM* of all stars.

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