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This list could go on forever : And let’s be honest, 90% of tools are a distraction. So I’ve limited myself to the things that CHANGED MY LIFE. These are things I use daily or weekly:


Not an affiliate

I use this nightly to create calm. I solve a lot of big seller problems, so I have to protect my state of calm. Think of it like meditation, but modern 😂 I watch it every night.

Rocket Typist


This app lives inside the setapp bundle, but it’s the one I use most. It types things out for me in a single click. I use it to communicate with clients rapidly & do mundane tasks.


Not an affiliate

Over the last year, I’ve fallen deeper in love with wave accounting. They’ve made finances idiot-proof. I do accounting every Friday, and wave makes it fun.

Not an affiliate does email and they do it damn well. Email used to be the bottleneck in my business, because I never checked it. Now it’s one of my fav things to do every week. 


Not an affiliate

I use loom to send clients review videos. But you can blow your customers’ minds by answering their questions with a loom video. Use it if you want 5 star reviews.


Not an affiliate

I rolled my eyes at the Notion hype for YEARS. I thought my google suite would be just as good… but I could NOT have been more wrong! Use it if you want planning POWER.

Hungry Root

Not an affiliate

You fully intended to make it to the grocery store tonight, but then you looked up at it was 9pm. Hungry Root fixed my grocery inadequacies and keeps me healthy!


Not an affiliate

I already know that everyone’s gonna ask how I created this website. The answer is Envato. They make templates for everything. I buy ’em and tweak ’em until I’m happy!